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Best Ways To Avoiding The Use Of Glasses And Maintain A Good Eye Sight

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For every personality, a good eye sight can not be exchanged for any other thing in the world. A man can perform averagely well with some other parts of his body affected but definitely not with his/her eyes in a bad condition.
Best Ways To Avoiding The Use Of Glasses And Maintain A Good Eye Sight

The use of glasses is not a crime neither is it a disease but it is better avoided if one hasn't fallen victim of it. Though there are corrective measures for putting bad eye sight to the right position but prevention they say is better that cure.

It has been recorded that age is possible to cause of eye defects for aged people but to reduce the complication this article will be best for us.

A stroll away from this, I will like to point out the fact that for you to excel as a student in whatever level of education you are, good eye sight is greatly required.

I happened to witness a classmate who had a bad eye sight and as a result could hardly see the board while writing and is also restricted from night reading and so on.

The best way to enjoy studying is maintaining a perfect sight. Admissions are beginning to come in and these are little but crucial issues we need to look into if we must excel.

The question at the peak of your mind now will be what causes eye defects? Sure it doesn't just burst out of the thin air so what is the source. Below I will be highlighting some causes of eye defects and I will like you to patiently read through them.

1. Close eye contact with phones, laptops/computers,televisions etc

2. Close eye contact with bright light rays eg sun,bulbs etc.

3. Close eye contact with fire or smokes

4. Eye rubbing

5. Straining the eye to read from afar

6. Over stressing the eye when it needs rest

7. Excessive consumption of cold water or garri etc.

This is just few amongst the things that can damage the eyes, I would have love to go through them one by each but I will not due to some things.

To be candid with yourself you will admit that you are guilty of engaging in some of these things listed and what you say is "shaybi its not affecting me " look, continue and see the shocker that life brings.

Rome was not built in a day, so is this issue, it is a gradual thing, it weakens the eye gradually.

The way out is what I will run through in few paragraphs. To overcome eye defect, the best thing is to

1. Avoid the above listed things that causes it,

2. Take yeast,

3. Take locust beans(the unsalted one)

4. Take the following well,

• Green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and collards,Salmon, tuna, and other oily fish,Eggs, nuts, beans, and other non-meat protein sources,Oranges and other citrus fruits or juices and Oysters and pork. Etc.

5. Do not use recommended glasses if you are not diagnosed to.

Other eye defect preventive measures you know can also be employed.

Good sight is good,
Don't be a victim of blindness.

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