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LASU Suspends 3 Students For Plotting Abduction

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LASU Suspends 3 Students For Plotting Abduction
The Lagos State University (LASU) Students’ Union Government (SUG) president, Tayo Sekoni, has escaped being abducted by some candidates contesting for positions in the aborted National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) convention, which held in Gombe State.

Tayo was returning to his hostel last Thursday when the assailants  stopped him at Obadore area of Iba. He said his refusal to support the candidates, who are LASU students, resulted in threats to his life. He accused the students of an attempt to eliminate him.
In its reaction, management suspended three students fingered in the alleged abduction. They are Oladayo Mojeeb Babatunde, 500-Level, School of Transport, Fatai Adebanjo Adekoya, 500-Level Faculty of Law and Fola Kosoko.
Narrating his ordeal, Tayo said he narrowly escaped assassination on his way to his hostel. He said they trailed him to LASU gate and stopped the bus he was in at Obadore area.
Tayo said: “They ordered me to come down. I asked ‘for what?’ They began to drag me from the bus in an attempt to abduct me. But, my friends and other LASU students, who were on the same bus with me repelled the assailants.
“In the course of struggling with them, Fola slapped one of my friends named Yusuf. We decided not to retaliate as we sensed danger.”
According to Tayo, the assailants said he did not support their candidacy at the convention. “Could I have done much  for an ambition that was nursed four days to election?” Tayo asked.
The union leader said: “When we got back to school from Gombe, Fatai openly threatened to kill me for not supporting him. I took the threat lightly, because I felt the election was not a do-or-die affair. They went further, threatening to kill me. They instigated some students against me in an attempt to throw the school into turmoil. Fola claimed he is ready to butcher me and that there is nothing anybody could do to them, because they are untouchable.”
In the build-up to the aborted NANS elections, it was learnt that LASU fielded two candidates. NANS stakeholders met and decided that “ex-students” must not be allowed to contest.
Tayo said Fola is an ex-student, who did not have the right to contest in the election. LASU, he said, supported another candidate, who is still a student.
A few days to NANS elections, Tayo said Fatai called to inform him of his plans to contest for NANS  Public Relations Officer. The union president said it was too late to declare ambition for an election that would be held in three days.
Tayo said: “Being a brother to me, I gave Fatai a word of encouragement and wished him the very best in his quest. But, I was surprised when Fatai led a gang of touts to attack me during the convention. Must we play politics of death and violence? Is election a do-or-die affair?”
The union president enjoined students to be vigilant and be wary of people, who he said are bent on throwing the school into turmoil because of NANS election.

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