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Neco 2016 literature Answers

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Neco 2016 literature Answers

There are many losses of lives in the play. many people lose their lives as a result of the clashes between Kindo (the chief warrior) and the stranger( Mr.whitehead). Those tragic events that happen make the drama a tragedy. Soko was killed by Kindo. there was a slaughtering of other people. many tragic events happened in the village. there was bloodshed. lives were lost. The tragedy in the blood of stranger is not just man's tragedy; it is a tragedy of the entire village. The tragedy begins with Maligu deceiving the entire village by conspiring with Soko(the chief priest). we see tragedy in the rape of Wara. The tragedy is also seen in the killing of Parker and the whitehead by Kindo which leads to the barnishment of Kindo by the king.
The entire village starts to mourn the losses of the lives of their people. there was wailing every where. it is greed that pushes malign to think of deceiving his village. The illicit transaction between malign, Soko and the whitehead brought a lot of tragedies in the entire village


Theme of Deception:
Much of this play’s comedy comes from the trickery played by various characters. The most important deceits come from Tony, including his lie about Hardcastle’s home and his scheme of driving his mother and Constance around in circles. However, deceit also touches to the center of the play’s more major themes. In a sense, the only reason anyone learns anything about their deep assumptions about class and behavior is because they are duped into seeing characters in different ways. This truth is most clear with Marlow and his shifting perspective on Kate, but it also is true for the Hardcastles and Sir Charles, who are able to see the contradictions in others because of what trickery engenders



(i) Metaphor: the people's eyes are as cold as ice. This means that there is no warmth or real feeling in the words that they say, or how they behave. This metaphor literally allows you to visualise a block of ice, cold and unwelcoming.

(ii) Simile: stanza 4, line 20-21 emphasises the constant changes in the personae's face. If u think of how often a woman changes her dress, then that is how the personae adjusts his/her personality to suit an audience. The list of faces that follow this line emphasis this point. Stanza 6, lines 38-40 compares the personae's faces in a portrait. If u think of a snake words such as sneaky and deceitful come to mind. Therefore, the implication is that the personae is fake, just like the people he addresses

(iii) Repetition: This phrase is repeated at beginning and the end of the poem. This usually signals of a fairy tale. Therefore, it is implied that the personae is nostalgic about the past.


"Love intoxicates" according to william shakespare "shall i compare Thee to a summer's day.The poetic persona opens the poem with a question addressed to the beloved,the romantic mood of the poem justified the fact that the subject matter of the relationship between the poetic persona and a person.He eulogizes the person in question by comparing that person with summer season.He uses the flattering words of endearment to win the heart of this beloved one.He goes ahead to justify the antecedent of the beauty of the beloved by talking about the impermanence of natural phenomena.He also declares emphatically that the beauty of his beloved superior to that of the beautiful season of summer.He deplys exaggerated descriptive details to concretize his message of eulogy and validate lasting beauty and immortality of this loved one in question knows that summer is a very beautiful season that is why he compare his lover with it,he goes further to quickly note imperfections of the season,so he therefore elevates his lover above summer imperfection.He finally affirms that his lover will live forever as long as humanity continue to exist,this means that as long as human being are able to use their eye to see things,his loved one would continue to exist.



Answer One question frm this section.
Dele Charley: The blood of a stranger
1. Discuss the play as a tragedy
2. Write on the character and role of Kindo in the play

Frank Ogbodo Ogbeche: Harvest of Corruption
3. "Inspector Inaku is an agent of light in the play". Discuss.
4. Comment on the use of symbolism in the play.

Answer one from this Section
Lorraine Hansberry: A Raisin in the sun.
5. With a close reference to the play, discuss the effects of racism and apartheid on the Younger's family
6. Discuss the theme of poverty and how it contributes to the development of the play.

Oliver Goldsmith: She stoops to conquer.
7. Discuss Tony as a trickster, showing his contribution to the development of the play
8. Discuss the theme of deception as it relates to Marlow and Kate.

Answer one question from this section
9. Discuss any three poetic devices employed in Gabriel Okara's "Piano and Drums".
10. Discuss the themes of political revolution and struggle for freedom in Gbanaban Hallowell's "The Dining Table".

Answer One question from this section
11. Write on the epic elements in "The proud King" by William Morris.
12. 'Love intoxicates'. Justify this assertion with a close reference to William Shakespeare's "Shall I compare Thee to a Summer's Day?".

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